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TEAM PHOTOS: 1991-92


The squad with the Spartan League championship shield and Spartan League Cup. They are:

Back: Scott Singleton, Peter Augustin, Greg Phillips, John McCormack, Ken Lavender, John Toogood (coach), Rick Murphy, Peter Lammin, Jeremy Billins, Andy Edey, Steve Baines, Vic Harris (reserve manager);

Front: Garfield Blackman, Paul Curran, Tim Vincent, Rob Holland, Alan Merison (manager), Paul Rogan, Dave Nolan, Rod Findlay, Mick Devane

This is picture of the team celebrating their London Spartan League Cup victory over Corinthian Casuals at Hanwell Town FC in May 1992.

Pictured clockwise from back: Tim Vincent (with arm raised), Greg Phillips, Ken Lavender, Paul Curran, Rob Holland, Peter Augustine, Garfield Blackman (with lid on head), Scott Singleton is the obscured player, Peter Lammin, Jeremy Billins behind Warren Patmore in front, then Paul Rogan obscures two others - we think one of them is Steve Baynes!! The hand on Rob Holland's we think is Ronnie John, and Dave Nolan appears to be missing.