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Saturday 26th March 1977

With every Middlesex League game vital for Northwood in their chase for the league title, the Woods could have done with an early breakthrough in this decisive game with Mill End, third placed in the league.

It came to them in sensational style, and the goal will hardly be bettered at Northwood in the years to come. Norman Heslop, whose foraging runs have become a feature of the Woods' play in the past few years, picked the ball up his own half after only five minutes.

The Mill End defence came rushing out to force an offside decision, but Heslop wouldn't accept the bait. He started a run from his own half and rode three tackles before gathering his wits, he took on another defender for pace and left him in his wake before drawing the keeper and slipping the ball into the net.

Northwood could have turned round further in front than their one goal, but they didn't have to wait for long after the restart before they held a more comfortable lead. It came from a move inspired by Harvey who found Ellis free in the box; Ellis in turn laid the ball off smartly to Cooper, who lashed the ball into the net.

The 'Woods stormed into the attack looking for further goals and Heslop, overlapping enthusiastically down the flank, always threatened to break down the Mill End defence. A mixture of over enthusiasm and stout defensive work prevented the Woods from increasing their lead but the all-round team effort deserved more Northwood goals.

Northwood: Currell, Heslop, Mills, O'Donnell, Merison, Gould, Harvey , Tidd, Livingstone, Ellis, Cooper. Sub: King.