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The First-Ever Match of the first Northwood FC

This report appeared in the Harrow Observer of 29th September 1899

The match was played on Saturday 23rd September 1899


This match was played at Northwood on Saturday, and resulted in a win for Amersham  by four goals to nil. Amersham won the toss, and playing with the sun and wind in their favour, scored two goals in quick time, and later on scored a third from a penalty and crossed over leading by three goals. Northwood played a splendid game in the second half, and it was only the repeated kicking out of the Amersham backs that saved them.

The Amersham forwards did not give the Northwood defence much trouble in this half, though they were able to score once more.

The following was the team:

Northwood – E. Price, goal; W.H. Brownbill and H. Green, backs; A. Marks, R. Price-Williams, and E. Nichols, half-backs; A. Price, Partridge, Hadd, Castle, and Brown, forwards.

The Northwood team made a very creditable show in this, their first match, and after they have played together a few times, no doubt they will be up to the level of the local clubs. They have a very good man in Price, the goalkeeper, and the backs will no doubt improve in another match or so, as they are both old to the game.

The halves when they get in sympathy with their forwards will make a very good trio, while the forwards, with a little practice, promise to put in some useful work for the club during the season.